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How to get support?

KAMARUTA aims to offer a sustainable transfer of know-how and supports health facilities in their efforts to improve organisation.

Here is a list of some areas in which KAMARUTA can be of assistance. There are, of course, many other areas where we may be able to help:
  • Process management: e.g. clinical pathways, patient admissions procedure.
  • Materials management: e.g. improvements in the organisation of the hospital dispensary, reorganisation of the logistics of the materials stock room.
  • Personnel management: e.g. measures to develop personnel such as further training, motivation, encouraging sustainability amongst staff.
  • Data and information management: e.g. developing the hospital information system.
  • Quality management: e.g. reducing waiting times, further development of hygiene standards, purchasing, patient admissions organisation etc.
  • Finance management/ cost accounting: e.g. annual budget planning, cost accounting systems.
  • Planning: e.g. strategy meetings, marketing planning, sponsoring concepts.
The support provided by Kamaruta is developed to suit the needs of the project partner in Africa; all the planning and implementation are undertaken together in partnership.

Do you know a project where you think we could be useful? Then please get in touch with us, using the form supplied or just writing an email answering the points mentioned on the form. At this stage, we need just basic information. Should your project be considered suitable, we will get in touch to ask for more detailed information.

Please note:
  • The necessary financing of the project should not amount to more than €3,000.
  • The members of the KAMARUTA Club offer their know-how and time in a voluntary capacity.
  • All applications for support will be considered but we cannot promise to accept every application!
See: Application for project support

Please send the application form (or write) to: >><<

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